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Page one of the Pickups tab
Page one of the Pickups tab

Pickups are special items you can place in projects that players can interact with. You can use them to enhance gameplay and provide players with objectives.

There are three kinds of pickups: weapons, effects, and collectibles.

Weapons[edit | edit source]

Weapons allow players to duel in PvP battles, dealing damage or providing effects. There are currently fifteen (15) Weapon Pickups:

Name Damage % per shot Ammunition Range (Blocks) Important Notes
Impulse Gun 000, 100* Unlimited 02.5 Pushing; *It can kill you if you hit the ground too hard, but the kill won't be counted if there's a kill counter. You can do tricks with this weapon.
Rail Gun 100 005 Unlimited Long recoil.
Shotgun 066-014 024 13 You shoot 5 bullets 24 times (a total of 120 bullets).
Machine Gun 011 150 38 Instant shots.
Bazooka 045-001 012 39 Damaging Area covers a circle with 3 cm. of diameter, with sourspot and sweetspot; autodamage if self-shot (for impulse it may derive in Rocket Jumping); can pass blocks. You can do tricks with this weapon.
Sword 014 Unlimited 0.875 There's no First-Person effect.
Flamethrower 012.5 100 02 Slower falling speed (if firing); at least 2.5 of ammo used by click; can pass blocks. You can use this weapon as a parachute.
Multi Shuriken 070-014 150 50 You can shoot 5 shurikens per shot, 30 times (a total of 150 shurikens); special trajectory.
Shuriken 014 060 50 Just like the Multi Shuriken, it has a special trajectory.
Dual Revolvers 012.5 048 25 Half recoil of the Revolver; a small impulse when shooting. You can do tricks with this weapon.
Revolver 012.5 024 25 Double recoil of the Dual Revolvers; a small impulse when shooting.
Growth Gun 025** 005 25*, 1.5** *If someone gets hit with this gun, the player will gain effects identical to those gained from a Growth Pill. **The player can attack as a giant.
Mouse Gun 000* 005 25 *If someone gets hit, the player will get the same effects gained from a Mouse Pill.
Heal Ray 004*° 100 05 Instead of hurting, it heals, team mates and enemies. °The healing is not paired with ammo, it varies. You can use this weapon as a parachute, similarly to the flamethrower.

Effects[edit | edit source]

Effects grant the player a temporary boost in stats.

There are currently 5 Effect Pickups:

Name Time active (seconds) Actions
Health pack Instant Fully heals the player back to 100%.
Mutanto 20 Grants the player invincibility and the ability to kill others by touching them.
Lightning Speed 07 Grants the player increased movement speed.
Mouse Pill 30 Shrinks a player down to the size of a mouse, or around 4 times smaller than normal, allowing them to access smaller areas. The player's health is also decreased and they cannot use any weapons.
Growth Pill 30 Transforms the player into a Giant, allowing them to punch other players and deal damage. The player's health is increased and they cannot use any weapons.

Collectibles[edit | edit source]

Collectibles provide the player with objectives to fulfill, that are required or optional.

There are currently 5 Collectibles:

  • Stars, when placed, these start a Collection Game Mode. The first player to collect all the Stars wins.
  • GameCoins allow you to reward players by permitting them to unlock several different items in your game.
  • Coin Chests allow you to reward players with Coins in greater quantities, which you can personalize.
  • Crystals allow players to unlock Tiers
  • Crystal Veins allow players to collect Crystals in greater quantities, which you can personalize.