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Joined KoGaMa on June 17th, 2013

MysterionLL is a prominent brazilian user of KoGaMa. Registered in June 2013 in brazilian server and in November 2015 in both international and friends server, he is the player who more often managed to be "Champion of KoGaMa", and the only one who was undefeatedly champion of CoPa KoGaMa (KoGaMa Cup), in 2013. In addition to being the current KoGaMa world champion since 2017, and one of the biggest "Hacker hunters" of the entire KoGaMa.

MysterionLL was the 43665th player registered in the brazilian server, initially registered with the nickname "The_Mysterion_LL", whose he changed two months after the account creation to the name it has today: MysterionLL. The reason for the name change was that he was constantly called "The" and hated it. In 2014 a bug was discovered in KoGaMa that allowed people to change their name after staff blocked this possibility. And using that he changed his name again to "Mysterionℓℓ" but soon regretted it and in less than 2 days changed his name again to "MysterionLL".

Currently he has:

889.099 EXP and 41.724 Gold in brazilian server (money spend for this: $0,00)

13.192.250 EXP and 28.585 Gold in friends server (money spend for this: $0,00)

38.750 EXP and 371 Gold in Live server (money spend for this: $0,00)

Early activities[edit | edit source]

2013[edit | edit source]

2013 was the first year of Brazilian server and of MysterionLL's account too. Still in the first months of a KoGaMa account, in 2013, MysterionLL created its first game "Team Aqua vs Team Magma" (, which reached the main page of the site in the first publication, showing that the future of MysterionLL would be bright in kogama. But MysterionLL did not focus his efforts on construction, but on gameplaying, especially in war games, where he got the incredible 2257 kills mark, and in strategy war games like FirstHero's "CubeGun Defense". In this game he met several friends who would later invite his projects which would take the first steps towards the idealization of Direct Definitive Decision, as 健EduDragneel健, HolyBoy, erzon, TZEKI, ChinaTown and Ben 10 Adolencente. And because of that, was created CoPa KoGaMa, a tournament which aims to decided properly who the best KoGaMian is. As soon as the tournament was announced, MysterionLL and his friends went on maps looking for players to participate in the tournament, and found 16 people: Himself (MysterionLL), KoGaMeR7 (his younger brother), erzon, TZEKI, ChinaTowc, HolyBoy, 健EduDragneel健, Ben 10 Adolencente, Luised, pedro.lucas1290, Heavy5555, tsiruoT, wilkerjohn and 3 more, but 7 of them gave up participating in the first cup. And with a non-round number of participants, HolyBoy has abdicated their participation for moderating the matches. And so happened the first KoGaMa Cup, where MysterionLL was crowned the champion of KoGaMa after beating tsiruoT winning his two rounds (2-3 and 8-1), beating TZEKI in semifinals by W-O after after a draw and a incomplete round which was also ending in a draw (both 5-5) and defeating his brother, KoGaMeR7 in the grand final, drawing in KoGaMeR7's arena 5-5 and beating him in Varandao 7-6, in a upset win, after seeing him start a wide lead 0-6

2014[edit | edit source]

In 2014 he abdicated his participation in the second CK to moderate along with Moderator. His season in 2014 was marked by several bans, most of these bans for futile reasons like putting an octagon up for sale, swearing and publishing your most famous project: This is Kogama", a game that ironic and exaggerated portrayal of kogama's chaos regarding player behavior and moderation attitudes. This game has reached on the main page several times, along with several other projects that MysterionLL has done in response to other players' attitudes, such as "How to earn gold!" to educate players who believe in free gold spam if they share posts in more comments. In this period of revolts and quarrels with KoGaMa staff, He created his clan, the Dawn Builders and Warriors Association (In portuguese, "Associação dos Construtores e Guerreiros da Alvorada", or ACGA), which at that time was just called "Dawn Warriors". And along with this group comes their ideology, the "Dawnism", an ideology that proposes solving kogama problems by giving game owners more authority over their respective games, to deflate pressure upon moderation and they can perform their function without making so much mistake. Several "Dawn Ideas" have already been implemented in kogama, such as the ability for a player to determine team names, such as the ability to copy and paste something in Ingame chat, such as the project owner makes a profit by selling privileges to players in their games. In KoGaMa Cup 2014, his brother KoGaMeR7 (now KoGaMeR8) reached the grand final again, but once again lost and was runner-up, this time against MysterionLL apprentice, VASCAINO231. It was also in 2014 that MysterionLL along with Lorenzobat, gabriel.gildenlol, VASCAINO231, KoGaMeR8 and others created Fut KoGaMa.

2015[edit | edit source]

First semester[edit | edit source]

In 2015 came the most famous moment of his entire career when he along with his great old friend Julia-MaverickHunter reached Top 1 of XP ranking, toppling the current leaders Alex and Conectado. Julia took the lead on 01/02/2015, and 6 days later, with a total of 0 proofs of violation of any rules, Julia-MaverickHunter has banned and all of her XP has been removed because she exceeded Santeripe (current "YL") in total XP. As Julia being banned and had her XP removed, MysterionLL took the lead in Top Rank. MysterionLL remained XP Ranked #1 from Jan. 08, 2015 to Feb. 14, 2015, when jubalucasS05 dethroned his leadership. Note: jubalucasS05 needed not only a 8x XP Booster for being able to pass through MysterionLL but also needed to cheat, using a explicit method of artificially unlocking all materials and gaining 100xp for this, which made Jubalucas earn a total of 800xp per minute (ilegally, but he wasn't bothering Santeripe and was a paying player, so the staff decided to forgive him). While he was Top 1 of XP rank he was made a lot of enemies like Conectado who accused him of cheating to be Top 1 in the rank, without any evidences. But was publicly humiliated several times, becoming a longtime rival of MysterionLL, and Prince Drakan, who believed in Conectado's accusations and became enemy of MysterionLL. And also in 2015, due to MysterionLL's high popularity thanks to the Rank, the KoGaMa Cup happened and had the largest number of participants in history: over 100 players. But a Cup with so many participants and few moderators, as MysterionLL left the moderation to compete in the Cup too, obviously would have many problems, and had. The first phase was based on season scores as soon as players signed up to the Cup, and many second phase battles took place on neutral camp as option of both fighters due to lack of valid arenas, players giving up playing the second game in the opponent's arena after losing in their own arena and in some ways, when two players are tied at the aggregate, both would qualify for the next round. And with all this mess, there was no conventional "final" between two players, but rather a hexagonal final between players: MysterionLL, KoGaMeR8, VASCAINO231, farahs, gabriel.gildenlol, XXxJOnAThANxXX. The last match was postponed until the following year and was between farahs vs KoGaMeR8. By now MysterionLL was out of title chances. In case of victory, the winner would be the champion of kogama, but in case of draw, XXxJOnAThANxXX would be the champion, and farahs defeated KoGaMeR8 3-2, crowing itself the champion of KoGaMa. An interesting match in this KoGaMa Cup was MysterionLL's astronomical victory, 9-1 over farahs, who would become that year's champion.

Second semester[edit | edit source]

Also in 2015 MysterionLL got a lot of important achievements: In June, in parallel to the KoGaMa Cup, he was champion of the San Andreas Cup, organized by gta60, dividing the title with VASCAINO231, his opponent in the finals, after a 10-8 victory and a loss by the same score. And later, in november, MysterionLL's item "Troféu da Copa Libertadores" has the Item of the Week, and MysterionLL featured his first Weekly Highlight of all the time. Tired of seeing KoGaMa being taken over by hackers everywhere, MysterionLL started an initiative that changed KoGaMa forever: He started to record cheaters in games, hunting they, posting the videos and reporting them to KoGaMa's staff, which in 2016 would prove extremely efficient, banning over 130 hackers in total. But much more than the 130 banned cheaters: He made the entire cheater community afraid, to the point where whenever MysterionLL came into play the cheater would run away in the same second, and this eventually influenced many players to start recording and reporting too, astronomically decreasing the number of kogama cheating, influencing the staff to increase the punishment for cheating and reducing the whole cheater community to fake accounts using disguised cheat.

2016[edit | edit source]

2016 was one of the most victorious years in MysterionLL history. In 2016, MysterionLL started the year winning a PvP tournament of SulAmericano and a Parkour Cup of Gustavoᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ. After that, MysterionLL got 6 Weekly Highlights: His Arena, Varandão, won the Game of the Week #88, his traditional avatar and his Pizza won the Avatar and the Item of the Week #91, his game, 2D War, that reached the main page in Brazilian server along with other 4 MysterionLL games, won the Game of the Week #99 and his Avatar, ZombysterionLL and another game, "Get XP Here" won Avatar and Game of the Week #101, all in friends server. In the #91 Weekly Highlights he would conquer the Game of the Week too, thus conquering the "Triple Crown" (earning all 3 of Highlights in one shot) but someone created fake accounts to disqualify his competing game, and even without counting the fake vote, his project would win the item of the week. He later regained his good fame, but instead of XP leader fame, he gained the reputation of cheater hunter, and got great performances on PvP games, even dueling at a very high level even against stars of that time, as ".b.", Becoming One of the Top Pvp Names of That Year, known for killing players in unlikely situations like hitting someone while falling out of the game, hitting cheaters at top speed, being the nightmare of jetpack players, etc. And obviously with impeccable performance in every respect, he wons the spectacular size of the year award he made: Champion of KoGaMa Cup for the second time in his history, with 100% success on his home field, KoGaMa Cup that was marked by the fall and end of career of several important players. marked by the surprising appearances of João Colosso, who defeated VASCAINO231 in the round of 16, defeated in the quarterfinals Enricão, who defeated XXxJOnAThANxXX, and defeated farahs in the semifinals, important campaigns by Pedro Debrete who defeated Nerd Power, a title favorite and Juliano-442, a traditional player who had been trying since 2015, an important "Temho 5 Anos" campaign that eliminated KoGaMeR8 in the first phase of the competition, ending early the worst campaign of the history of the biggest KoGaMa Cup finalist.

MysterionLL was the only one who didn't feel the change and advanced phase after phase, defeating the phenomenon gabriel.gildenlol in the round of 16, that was coming from 2 very strong campaigns, reaching the semifinals in 2014 and a final in 2015, being stopped only by the champion of the respective year, applying 8-3 on Varandão, defeated Wolferinus, who was coming from a very good season, also applying an elastic score within his domains, 5-2 in quarterfinals, breaking the best defense of the competition and drawing a last minute draw against Pedro Debrete in semifinals after a victory in Varandão, 2-1, and destroying João Colosso in the grand final, winning both the 2 matches, 2-0 in Varandão and 2-1 in Alianza.

2017[edit | edit source]

In 2017, he got one of the most important titles: He became the KoGaMa World Champion, after defeating Tanner, the winner of the players who turned the year into the top 1 of their respective server rankings. Julia-MaverickHunter, the Top 1 of the Brazilian ranking at the turn of the year 2016 to 2017, Tanner, the top 1 of the friends ranking at the turn of the year 2016 to 2017 and YL, the top 1 of the WWW ranking at the turn of the year. from 2016 to 2017. YL came into the field once but did not fight it, so it loses all his matches by W-O, and then Tanner and Julia-MaverickHunter decided between them, with two draws, one in Brazil, 2-2, another on friends server, 1-1, results that guaranteed Tanner the world final to decide against MysterionLL, And MysterionLL was crowned world champion beating Tanner 3-1. But nothing much beyond that. 2017 was a year marked by major changes in KoGaMa, and one of those changes was the change in the way weapons work. With the first-person upgrade, MysterionLL was not capable of unable to keep up with the new pvp, and his presence and ability has dropped dramatically. The same update changed sword damage and knockback, and so the KoGaMa Cup 2017 was canceled because no one was expecting it. In short, it was a very weak year for MysterionLL at KoGaMa.

Today[edit | edit source]

MysterionLL currently is resuming his activities that were temporarily interrupted because he was the victim of an "account hacking wave" in late 2018 on the brazilian server, where he had all avatars, all items and over 40 games destroyed by hackers. He recently publicated an article called Definitive Direct Decision where he proofs that is possible to KoGaMa to have a modality that defines the best player and that necessarily has to ensure that all game skills can minimally influence the match result and that nothing but the skills can influence it, and where he also proves that the "x1 ", which has been the KoGaMa Cup modality since 2013 is that modality that defines the best player. He is also restructuring his old clan. He is awaiting moderators for the conclusion of the 2018 KoGaMa Cup, where he is qualified for the quarterfinals, where he will face RaphaPin, the current Top 1 of the Brazilian XP Rank, where he will fight for his third championship

Achievements[edit | edit source]

  • KoGaMa World Champion between 2017 and 2019
  • Champion of KoGaMa - 2013 KoGaMa Cup
  • Champion of KoGaMa - 2016 KoGaMa Cup
  • Champion of San Andreas Cup 2015
  • 7 Weekly Highlights
  • Top 1 in XP Ranking between Jan. 08 2015 and Feb. 14 2015
  • Champion of ALK "#VemProFut" Championship in 2019
  • Champion of 2018 "Supercopa dos Campeões do Kogama"
  • Champion of ALK Recopa América in 2019
  • 2 ALK's Soccer Golden Balls
  • Champion of ALK Olimpic Games in 2018
  • Champion of SulAmericano's "PvP-AnythingGoes" Tournament in 2016
  • Champion of Gustavoᴼᴿᴵᴳᴵᴻᴬᴸ's Parkour Tournament in 2016
  • Recording 130 cheaters and banning them.

Nicknames[edit | edit source]

  • Mys
  • Mℓℓ or MLL
  • Myster
  • MythLL
  • MightLL
  • MasterLL
  • LL (Elhiéli)
  • 43665º
  • That guy who seems like Batman, but isn't