Logic Tutorial: Door

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To make this logic you need:

Steps[edit | edit source]

Open Door[edit | edit source]

  • Place the door model.
  • Clone it and rotate to make door position to close and open.
  • Place a Pressure Plate on the floor, close to the door.
  • Click on blue trigger of Pressure Plate and connect it to red trigger of Negate Cube.
  • After, connect the blue trigger of Negate Cube to the red trigger of Cube Model Hider.
  • Connect the yellow trigger of Cube Model Hider to the open door model.

Close Door[edit | edit source]

  • With the same Pressure Plate, click in blue trigger of it and connect it to red trigger of new Cube Model Hider.
  • Check that you did not mix up the cubes

Explaining[edit | edit source]

In this logic the deny cube connected to the Model Hider will bring the possibility of making a hidden object when activated. Since only the Model Hider without deny cube connected, will bring the possibility of making visible object.

That is,

Negative Cube + Cube Model Hider = Closed Door

Cube Model Hider = Open Door

Videos[edit | edit source]