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The KoGaMa Discord Server (often shortened KDS) is the official Discord Server for the game. It's run by the Admins and also by some volunteers.

How to join[edit | edit source]

After you made your Discord account, you can join the official KDS! There's also the biggest fan-made server.

Channels[edit | edit source]

Every text/voice channel has its own function:

Informative channels[edit | edit source]

#welcome: The channel you land in when joining the server. It contains some important information, so read carefully.

#rules: The server rules. Take your time to read them and do not try to break them.

#announcements: Announcements regarding KoGaMa.

#mod-announcements: Announcements channel which mods can access, mostly used to announce Discord server issues or problems on KoGaMa as well as announcing changes and warning everyone about a certain thing.

#social-media: Updates on KoGaMa's social media platforms.

#kogafriend-recipients: Here is the list of who receives the badge because of their contributions.

#faq: Here you can see questions that are often asked as well as answers to them.

General[edit | edit source]

#general: Here you can talk about anything you'd like, e.G. how your day was, what experiences you've made or other topics such as cars, nature, coding, you name it.

#kogama-chat: Please try to stay on topic, talk about KoGaMa related stuff or build up a normal conversation.

#issues-n-bugs: This channel is used to report and talk about bugs. Please share bugs here only if you already reported them on the forum! (link: http://kogama.freeforums.net/ )

#suggestions-n-feedback: Here you can give your feedback about the game itself, new updates or the weekly highlights as well as giving your own suggestions for the game!

#memes-n-stuff: Only channel to send funny stuff.

#bot-commands: Here you can use the commands of the bots on our server.

User Generated Content[edit | edit source]

#share-your-creations: Use this channel to share your own KoGaMa creations, whether it's a game, avatar, model or logic creation.

#off-topic-art: Use this channel if you want to share any art that isn't related to KoGaMa.

#videos-n-stream (Also known as the content creators' natural habitat): Have you got a fancy and great video about KoGaMa? Make sure to share it here!

#fanarts-n-drawings: Take a look at all these nice screenshots and fanart for KoGaMa! Make sure to share your own ones here, too!

#hotw-suggestions: Suggest what should be taken in consideration for the Highlights of the Week.

Help[edit | edit source]

#general-help: Need some help? Make sure to ask a question here. Maybe other users will be able to help you. If there's something important you want to ask a developer or anything specific that you don't want to ask there, you can write a direct message to modmail and us moderators and AdmiralFjong make sure to answer as soon as possible!

#logic: You want to add a logic system, but don't know how? Here's the right place for you to look for help!

KoGaMa Wiki[edit | edit source]

#wiki-announcements: Announcements regarding the KoGaMa Wiki (this site).

#helpful-links: Important pages you may want to check before contributing for the wiki.

#wiki-general: Here you can talk about anything related to the Wiki.

#edit-suggestions: If you want to help someone with editing or think that a page requires to be edited, talk about that here.

Ask me Anything[edit | edit source]

#questions-and-chat: This channel is used for QnA sessions where we can ask any questions to the developers.

#answers: Here you can find the answers to questions that received an answer

#michal-questions: An unused channel which might be used for a QnA session with Michal.

Team up[edit | edit source]

#looking-for-group: You want to play a game and want to invite others? Meet up in this channel!

#voice-chat: If you don't have a microphone or can't talk in a voice chat currently, you can chat here.

International[edit | edit source]

  • #polish-verification and #turkish-verification is a place where you have to verify your KoGaMa account in order to get access to #polish and #turkish, but do that only when you can speak the language without any issues, otherwise you won't be verified.
  • The other channels in the International channel should be self-explanatory.

Music[edit | edit source]

#dj-commands: Do you want to use Guardian, our server's music bot, have a party, but don't know how to use it? Read all messages carefully.

#music-bot-channel: Here you can use the bot when you connect to the music-bot voice channel.

#music-sharing: You got a song that you want to share? Post it here!

Other games[edit | edit source]

#all-games: Here you can talk about any other game that isn't KoGaMa.

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