Just Drive 3 Traffic Laws

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Just Drive 3 Traffic Laws


  • Just Drive 3 could be a boring game for some people. However, some people like whatever is Role Play! For these kinda of people, there's a special page for that, where you're already on!

Please note that following Traffic Laws is definitely not mandatory. You can do everything you'll want on the game, this page has been created for those people who are interested in them.

Common Traffic Signs

  • Here's some common traffic signs that you could see them everywhere.
  • Just Drive 3 is not also in the United States of America, but also in Canada, at Québec's province. Signs are pretty different between the 2 regions, but pretty recognizable on the other part.

Stop Sign

One of the most popular signs is easily recognizable. The sign means that you have to stop at the current intersection or to an upcoming one.

Stop sign(USA)

Stop sign.png

Stop sign(Québec)

Stop sign qc.png

Speed Limit Sign

This sign shows us the maximal speed that we need to have. If we don't, we can be flashed by working radars in the game, or maybe have an accident. They're made for our safety! The difference is that the measurement units are different for the 2 signs. The first sign uses imperial system, and the second one uses the metric system.

Speed Limit Sign(USA)

Speed limit.png

Speed Limit Sign(Québec)

Speed limit qc.png