Impulse Gun

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T ImpulseGun Default Icon.png

Trivia[edit | edit source]

Its a Steel Like "U" Styled Belt accessory with gold blocks in the end and middle of the "U", The belt has a gold Brooch on it's Front.

Behavior:[edit | edit source]

The Impulse Gun Creates a Concentrated gravity circle in the middle of it, If you hold the pointer the AMMO will start to charge, creating a stronger gravity, when you release it, it will generate a gravity wave, throwing everything to the air, it can be also used when you look down and shoot it to do a high jump.

Advantages:[edit | edit source]

It can be used to push opponents away
Can be used to impulse you out of a firing area
Has Unlimited Ammo

Disadvantages:[edit | edit source]

Charges slowly
If you kill an enemy with it, it won't count as an User-Kill, but as a scenery kill.

Configuration:[edit | edit source]

Game Coins:[edit | edit source]

  • 0-10000 coins requirement.

Levels:[edit | edit source]

  • Your level or less level requirement.

Gold Cost:[edit | edit source]

Free, standard inventory item