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The default, blue team spawnpoint

The Spawn Point, often spelled Spawnpoint and sometimes referred to as the Start Point, is a simple logic object that determines where players can spawn within a game and where builders can spawn within a project. Every project requires that there be at least one spawnpoint present.

Usage[edit | edit source]

Basic Spawning Mechanics[edit | edit source]

Spawnpoints dictate where players spawn within a game and where builders spawn within a project. Players and builders can only spawn where there is a spawnpoint.

Upon entering a game, a player must spawn (or "start out") at a spawnpoint. It is at a spawnpoint that a player first appears upon entering a game. The same goes for builders in projects: a builder initially appears at a spawnpoint upon entering a project.

After first spawning in a game, a player may have to respawn in the future. Upon death, the player is sent to a spawnpoint, where he or she remains invisible until he or she decides to re-enter the game by clicking "Play." Upon clicking "Play," the player reappears at a spawnpoint, and thus "respawns." A player may purposefully respawn by intentionally dying, by clicking the 'Respawn' button in the GUI menu, or by simply pressing the 'K' button on his or her keyboard. Builders may also press 'K' to respawn.

If there are multiple spawnpoints of the same color in a game, the player will be sent to a randomly selected spawnpoint each time he or she spawns. This is likely based on the same pseudorandom seed as is used by the randomizer, but this has not yet been verified through testing.

Teams[edit | edit source]

Every project starts out with one blue spawnpoint by default. However, there are three other spawnpoint types available in the inventory: red, yellow, and green.

When two or more spawnpoints of different color are present in a game, teams are enabled. That is, players are divided into teams of different colors; the teams available depend on the spawnpoints present. For example, if there are only red and blue spawnpoints in the game, then only the red and blue teams are available. There may be up to four different teams: blue, red, yellow, and green. Teams are used for many things. The following are some characteristics of teams:

  • Spawnpoint exclusivity: Players can only spawn at spawnpoints of their team color. For example, a player in red team can only spawn at red spawnpoints.
  • Name tag color: Players' name tags are colored to correspond to their team color. For example, a player in blue team has a blue name tag above his or her avatar.
  • Protection from friendly fire: Players cannot harm, or be directly harmed by, members of their team through use of weaponry. For example, if a player in green team is shot by another player in green team, the player shot will not sustain any damage from that shot.
  • Separate scoreboards: Teams have separate scoreboards, and entire teams share their individual members' victories. If a player in yellow team wins a game by, for instance, capturing a flag, the entire yellow team is credited with the win.
  • Private in-game chat: Through use of commands, players may send private chat messages in-game that only other members of their team can read.

If there are no teams, then the above characteristics are removed. All name tags are white, only one scoreboard is used, there is no team-specific chat, and players can directly harm other players through use of weapons.

If there is only one color of spawnpoint present in the game, then there will be no teams in the game. This is true even if the spawnpoints present are not blue.

Spawn Points
Blue team spawnpoint
Red team spawnpoint
Yellow team spawnpoint
Green team spawnpoint