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Pokemon Battle Arena is a pvp game created by ᴳᴬᴹᴱᴿNexusᴳᴬᴹᴱᴿ

Pokemon Battle Arena
Release date(s)
Summer 2016

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

Pokemon Battle Arena is a pvp game where 4 differents team has to fight and win!

Story[edit | edit source]

This game was made to be a simple TeamVSTeam pvp game,but instead of being all the others regular TeamVSTeam games which contains 4 Towers and the player meet up into a square arena,the owner decided to make a circle arena,and around the circle make little square tower,the advantage is that you don't have to run to the middle since it's next to the towers.

This game got some small update,the game was already sort of finished when it was out,nothing to add more since it's only a simple pvp game.

Updates[edit | edit source]

NOTH: Patch noth will start at 1.1.0,since it's when they started getting listed.

Patch noth 1.1.1 (28/09/2018)[edit | edit source]

  • Removed jetpacks.

Patch noth 1.1.0 (Date unknown)[edit | edit source]

  • Added global music
  • Added heal ray

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Nothing is here yet.