Game: Container Wars

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Container WARS
vicenteS99 and 3 more.
Release date(s)
August 2018
181 300

Container Wars is a game made by vicenteS99 alongside with Tomaschap1969, game maps, Machu3213 and Yami Helios.

Gameplay[edit | edit source]

The containers.

You have to enter on the Containers. To do it so, complete the actual level. Once you've finished it, a Star and a Key will appear. Pick both and walk into the next container; due to the Key, you can advance to the next level. Every Star will be collected when you finish the last level.

More levels may be soon.

Containers' features:[edit | edit source]

They are generally Parkour-styled levels. Some original styles are also shown here.

Game of The Week[edit | edit source]

  • As shown here, it's part of the featured content of Weekly Highlights #185 on the Live server.