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Frequently Asked Questions[edit | edit source]

  • Where can I report hackers?

- You can report hackers by sending an email to You need to provide proof that the hacker is hacking. Screenshots and video are video helpful in reviewing the report.

  • Where can I report bugs?

- You can report bugs right here:

  • Where can I provide feedback and suggestions?

- You can provide feedback and suggestions right here:

  • How can my creation be considered for the Highlights of the Week?

- You must send an email to with a link to your avatar, model or game.

  • I lost access to my account or forgot my password?

- You must send an email to, and our support will help as soon as possible

  • Why are staff ignoring my messages?

- We are not ignoring any messages. We are a very small team, and we receive a lot of emails, messages and forum threads. We are reading everything, but it takes time. Thank you for being patient

  • When will free gold come back?

- Free gold acquired without effort will not come back. For now, the only ways to earn gold is by selling avatars and models. Read more here:

  • How can I become a translator?

- All translations goes through We'll announce in #announcements when we're open for applications

How can I become a Content Creator? - We are always looking for content creators. Artwork, Youtube videos, stream.
There are mainly three types of videos that we look for:
- Let's Play - The youtuber plays and talks
- Tutorials - Voice is a bonus but not required
- KoGaMa related speed art - with music

You can send your application right here: