Cube Model Hider

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A Cube Model Hider box

The Cube Model Hider, also known as an Object Enabler or Model Enabler, is an advanced logic box that can connect to cube models.

This box is most commonly used to create doors.

Configuration[edit | edit source]

Usage[edit | edit source]

A cube model hider features two orbs, arranged in a 90° angle to form a unique "bent" shape. The orbs are as follows: an orange input orb and a yellow output orb.

The yellow orb may connect to cube models, moving platforms, vertical rotators, horizontal rotators, fire sentry tower models, and ice sentry tower models. A cube model hider can connect to any number of objects at once.

By default, if a model enabler is not connected to a power source (via its orange input orb), all connected objects connected to it via the yellow output orb are visible and tangible. If the outline is activated through settings, the models may be outlined. Once a model enabler is connected to a power source, it abides by the following rules:

  • If the input is false (no power), then the output is also false. All connected models are made invisible and intangible to players.
  • If the input is true (power), then the output is also true, All connected models are made visible and tangible to players.

Users in build mode can see models at all times, even if those models have been disabled by model enablers. Model enablers only affect the visibility of models for players in play mode.

Settings[edit | edit source]

  • Toggle Show Outline: When this option is selected, connected models will be outlined in pale blue. This pale blue outline will remain as a "ghost" when a model is hidden. Set to false (no outline) by default.

Gold Cost[edit | edit source]

Free, standard inventory item