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Advanced Logic refers to certain Logic Cubes which make up the gameplay, the system or another feature of a map.

Once you have learned how to use these cubes, you should be able to create more inventive and fun to play games.

Delay Cube

T DelayCube Default Icon.png
Delay Cube
When Receiving a signal from another logic object it will delay for x seconds before sending a signal for y seconds.

You can put these in sequence to create really long waiting times


Duration 0,1-1000 Seconds.

Delay 0,1-1000 Seconds.

Negate Cube

T NegateCube Default Icon.png
Negate Cube
The Negate Cube is an Advanced Logic cube used for making an original gameplay to a game. Its function is to invert a signal. For example, if you make a system to open a door, then placing a Negate Cube will close the door instead of opening it.

Pressure Plate

Whenever a player steps on the plate it sends a signal.

Connect this to an toggle box for a simple door,or to explosives for a land mine.


  • Stars (3 Star - 1 = Limit star)
  • Team (Blue,Red,Yellow,None and Green)
  • Toggle Hide

Pulse Cube

T PulseCube Default Icon.png
Pulse Cube
This logic cube sends signals in intervals. This means that it'll be disabled for a couple of seconds, then enabled for a couple of seconds, and so forth.

This is really neat when you want to create something that flickers,like a light.


  • Enabled Time 0,1-1000 seconds.
  • Disabled Time 0,1-1000 seconds.

Toggle Cube:

T ToggleCube Default Icon.png
Toggle Cube

Switches between ON and OFF each time it receives a new signal.

Do you want to open and close the door with the same button? Then this is what you want.


Once(enabled or disabled).

And Cube

Kogama 2018-08-30 10-10-26-697.jpg
And Cube
The And Cube takes several imputs,and send a signal when all of them are ON.

If you want players to stand on multiple pressure plates to open a door this is for you.

Cube Model Hider

Kogama 2018-08-30 10-15-55-962.jpg
Cube Model Hider
Hides conneted cube model when powered.

This is most commonly used enable/disable door models.


  • Toggle Show Outline.

Random Cube

Kogama 2018-08-30 10-20-33-550.jpg
Random Cube
Powers one connected cube logics at random.

This is useful if you want to create unique experiences each round. For example, the cube can decide whether a Light Cube is on or not

This is useful if you want to create unique experiences each round.

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